Hu Shih's Philosophy of Life

I gave a talk on Hu Shih's philosophy of life on January 28, 2014 at Taiwanese American Senior Society, as part of the Life Enrichment Club that I have coordinated since 2009.  The club has spent the past 2 or 3 years in the fields of genetics, brain, and astronomy.  It is about time to talk about the relationship between sciences and philosophy of life.  This question is at the heart of Hu Shih's philosophy.  In order to prepare for the talk, I read and re-read my article written about 30 years ago.  My appreciation of Hu Shih has increased.  I have also done some research of his later life in Taiwan.  Some videos about him available on YouTube are very helpful.  His life and thought have become more vivid to me.  Though Hu Shih was in Taiwan when I was in college, I did not get to know him in person.  But his thought influenced me through one of his most important followers 殷海光, a professor in the Department of Philosophy.  The PowerPoint Presentation used in the talk is made available in the "Confucianism" webpage.

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