Continuing search for my Ancestry

During my visit to Taipei in August 2012, I managed to meet with Dr. Marie Lin (林媽利), the authority on genetic studies of the population in Taiwan.  I submitted my blood sample.  The results came back on October 14 by email.  The haplogroup of my mtDNA is identified as M7b1, and my Y-DNA as O3a2C*.  The latter differs from the earlier result of O3a3 from Family Tree DNA.  I have been told that the difference is due to a recent change in classification.  I need to do further research to understand my ancestry better.  In the meantime, I sent another cheek-swab sample to Genographic Project on October 19 for further tests.  Genographic Project has recently embarked on a new and ambitious method, known as Geno 2.0, analyzing not only mtDNA and Y-DNA but also nearly 150,000 DNA identifiers.  According to the past years of research at Genographic Project, most non-Africans are about 2.4% Neanderthal and 1.6% Denisovan.  Incredible!   I am going to provide more details on my webpage "My Ancestry" after I get my results back from Geno 2.0.  Neverthless, the current information provided in "My Ancestry" is generally correct.

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