World Religions


           Snow geese at Middle Creek PA on their migration from the south to the north on March 5, 2011

This is the website for my journey in world religions, especially Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Christianity, and possible religions for the future.  Like one of the snow geese in the photo, I have taken a memorable and wonderful journey in the world of major religions.

As a whole, this website serves as a big canvas on which I can paint and share my experiences and thoughts on the important questions about religion and philosophy.

In addition to historical facts, I would like to explore some basic religious questions, mainly the questions about:

   (1) the ultimate reality (such as Judaic Yahweh, Christian God, Muslim Allah, Hindu Brahman, Buddhist Buddha-hood, Taoist Tao, and Confucianist Heaven), 

   (2) the universe, 

   (3) human existence, 

   (4) the nature of suffering, evil, and death, 

   (5) the solution to suffering, evil, and death, and 

   (6) the ideal world.

Through the philosophical analyses of the six questions, I would like to explore the meanings of religion and philosophy in the modern age of science and democracy.

This website stores and shares several articles I have written, some photos and videos I have taken, and a few PowerPoint presentations I have developed for various occasions.

I have recently become interested in photography.  When it is appropriate, I would like to sprinkle photos here and there throughout the website.

Different webpages will be created as the website is being developed.  You can go to a specific page for the subject of your interest.

It is hoped that you will enjoy the website.  Welcome to my site.

A Brief Introduction to the Different Webpages in my Website

The first few webpages, including "Taoism," "Buddhism," and "Confucianism," reflect my  earlier life when I was a professor in academic and historical studies of world religions.  Together with Christianity, they have formed the important background for my own religious and philosophical thinking.

In the webpage "Unitarian Universalism," I introduce the kind of the religious movement with which I have strongly identified.  Its spirit reflects the religious and philosophical views and beliefs that I have gradually developed in my later life.

The webpages "Science and Religion," "My Ancestry," "Exploring Nature," and other webpages reflect my continuing fascination with sciences since my college years.  I have become more and more convinced that all historical religions have to be reformed with and transformed by the new scientific understanding of the universe.  I have been particularly interested in the implications of astronomy, evolution, genetics, and neuroscience.  These sciences can help us better understand the six basic religious questions mentioned above.

The webpages "Senior Society" and "Taiwanese Community" reflect some practical applications to my own life on the basis of my religious and philosophical views and beliefs.  An important issue is democracy, which should become very important for the development of a good religion in the modern world, because democracy provides important values and practices for solving our suffering, evil, and death.

The webpage "Photos and Videos" reflects my recent interest in photography.  I have used a camera to explore the natural and human worlds in which we live.  In this venture, I have deepened and widened my religious and philosophical views and beliefs.

I will continue to update these webpages and occasionally add new webpages in order to make my journey in world religions and my own development of religion or philosophy more complete and comprehensive, especially in terms of the six basic questions of religion.


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